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From the age of 15, I have been attracted, stirred, and inspired by art. Dazzled by the works of the great masters like Picasso, Bacon, Freud, Chagall, Soutine, Egon Schiele…. These paintings induced within me an inexplicable emotion of being alive and fueled a marvelous passion! But as the son of a farmer, I put to sleep my love for art before giving it all the devotion that it merited at the time.

However, following the initial artistic revelation, the pencil never left my hand. Drawing and painting ceaselessly, I started out modestly and without real ambition, content to reproduce the works of the great masters.

Not being a professional painter, but focusing instead on the growth of my agricultural food enterprise, I worked steadily on my passion, without pretention, behind closed doors but with the fervor of self-denial, enthusiasm, and appetite.

One could say that I was used to living, with certain happiness, a fulfilling double life. On the one hand, I was running a business. On the other hand, I was an artist whose passion has only grew greater with time.

I see my « art » with complete freedom. I only draw and paint that which pleases me and affects me deeply. More specifically, I speak of the faces of the famous personalities, the muses, or simply the anonymous. That which I love most in this exercise, is the idea of embellishing the inspiring human forms by proposing by own emotions into their expressions.

I love to reinterpret the humanness in my own way, with my own eyes, and my own experiences. Those who were artists, intellectuals, or anonymous, all the faces that I have reinterpreted have my admiration and my respect.

At the beginning of each piece, there is always a photo or a challenging event – something that provokes in me an irrepressible desire to draw and then to paint.

Today more than ever, I am simultaneously a man and an artist fulfilled. And now I feel the need to share my work. It is from this perspective that I would like to allow my pieces to travel – either through expositions or in the homes of people who would like to look upon them for some time…


Martin Lovenfosse.

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